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    We are here to listen

    We are a team of culturally affirming mental health providers who have come together through shared common values, life philosophies, and the need to create an alternative and creative approach to therapy. Our values and philosophies were born and defined from our work in the following settings: home-based and community-based treatment, community outreach, advocacy, mentorship, teaching at community college and university settings, public speaking, and traditional talk therapy. Our experiences have culminated into our belief of the importance, and necessity, of challenging ourselves to have courage over comfort in order to live healthy and happy lives. Our aim at Courage Over Comfort Counseling is to empower our clients to step outside of their comfort zone and into their true greatness, and this… takes courage.


    Our Core Principles


    Human Connection

    Cultural Humility

    Strength-Based Community Defined

    All of our principles interconnect and build off of each other, just as our human experience. We first aim to connect with you, build trust, and get to know you as a human. This is done within the open and theraputic space we have created for you, while we learn about your unique culture and the role it will play in your healing process. Together we will create your goals for treatment based on what you feel is important and work collaboratively until your goals are met.


    Therapeutic Services


    Courage Over Comfort Counseling offers a range of services to meet individual, couple, family, and child needs. We have years of experience working with a number of challenges people experience at different stages of their life journey. Please click below to view our Therapeutic Services.

    At Courage Over Comfort Counseling we pride ourselves on providing excellent and relevant Specialty Groups, some of which are hard to find in San Diego. We strive and excel at creating a safe space for healing among others. Please click below to view our Specialty Groups.

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